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Fivver experience

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Art | 0 comments

I used Fivver for the first time yesterday. I placed two orders to snaz up this blog, my Etsy store, and attract followers on ista! #instafamous, am I right?! Just kidding. Anywho, The first order is my new shop update pic with my pretty head. I cannot remember the creator but will update his name tomorrow. The second order was to up Instagram sales specifically. Basically, I ordered 2 pretty posts with my art for advertising.

I am learning how to run a small business from the ground up. ITS HARD! I used the creator “lasanthawije” for my Second Fivver. She created two Instagram posts. See first post above and second below. Thoughts? My only complaint is I wish the photo of painting was cropped at least so you can’t see my dirty feet. I think I am satisfied. Thoughts?

I wonder if I can somehow crop the photo.


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