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Hello everyone! This weekend has been awesome. I saw my beautiful parents, spent time with my wife, and painted my little happy heart away! I am exhausted! Anyway, I want to provide a few sneak peeks of what will be coming soon to my shop. These pieces are still drying and do not have resin overlay on at this time. If you are interested in purchasing one directly before they hit my shop please contact me. Thank you!!

This is my real life kitchen table! And I need a gallon of Goo Gone to get all the paint off my pretty floors. One day we will have a paint area of our very own…
More images of my seriously lovely blue hues and my damn mess.
I am actually really pumped for this one with resin shine,
These three lovelies are drying precariously at the end of my table.
Ugh I am so ready to put these up to sell but really need to resin and dry 🔥


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