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Because that’s how us married lesbians with full time jobs and four kids do… we stay up until the weee hours to paint and post! I am exhausted but hopeful.

The crash is coming..

I never thought I would be able to sell my paintings. I never thought people would listen to my voice or knew of my words were important enough to say. For a long time I was so afraid to say anything, or show any skill, due to low self esteem and internalized homophobia. I am so excited I am here, out and proud, with my life, my worth, my creativity and my beautiful wife.

She is seriously the best human of all time

My wife Miranda has been working with me in the art shop, AKA, our messy ass kitchen table and floors. She doesn’t paint, but loves resin work. She has new ideas for pieces often and I am jealous of her knack for the sticky goo. I am slowly adding her pieces as I go. (She does not have time to photograph)

I did not originally believe people would really care about a thirty something lesbian who loves creating, is socially awkward, and is usually too stressed to edit major editing errors? Turns out, it’s just what people need. A little laughter. Room to live with errors, room to enjoy authenticity. I am real and so is my family. We are a weird, creative, exhausted, and transparent lesbian family. Now please, off my rant to pretty pictures below!!

Resin protection and extra shine
This truly is a pride piece even if it doesn’t look like it. I wish I videoed the pour.
My forever stained hands because I’m messy and ADHD.

Check out more pieces at


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